Smart Contract Integration

Our platform employs a sophisticated smart contract ecosystem to seamlessly integrate the Index Token, the advanced DeFi platform, and the performance tracking mechanism. This trio of smart contracts ensures the efficient functioning of our decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, catering to both retail users and advanced traders.

Index Token Smart Contract (ERC-20):

The Index Token Smart Contract is built on the Polygon blockchain and operates as an ERC-20 token. This contract governs the creation, distribution, and transfer of the Index Token, offering users a simplified means to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of top-performing cryptocurrencies.

Advanced DeFi Platform Smart Contract (NFT):

The advanced DeFi platform Smart Contract is based on the concept of a non-fungible token (NFT) to the weDeFin ecosystem. This NFT SC serves as a key to store and track the portfolio of the advance users.

Performance Tracking and Rebalancing Smart Contract:

The Performance Tracking and Rebalancing Smart Contract serves as the bridge between the Index Token and the advanced DeFi platform. It tracks the trading performance of advanced users within the platform (if they consent), evaluating their strategies and insights. Based on their collective performance, the contract ranks all the traders and anyone can trigger the rebalancing of the Index Token's asset allocation.


  • Simplified Investing: The Index Token Smart Contract offers users a straightforward way to diversify their crypto investments.

  • Advanced Features: The advanced DeFi platform Smart Contract enhances the experience for advanced traders, providing exclusive access to powerful trading tools.

  • Data-Driven Rebalancing: The Performance Tracking and Rebalancing Smart Contract ensures that the Index Token's asset allocation remains optimized based on the collective performance of advanced users.

  • Rewards: The top traders that participate in the decision of the portfolio allocation will get WEDX tokens each time the index token is rebalanced. The rebalancing process can be trigger by any user in a decentralized way.

By harmoniously integrating these smart contracts, weDeFin ensures a dynamic and user-centric DeFi ecosystem. The collaboration between the Index Token, the Advanced DeFi Platform, and the Performance Tracking and Rebalancing Smart Contract collectively drives the innovation and success of our platform.

Smart Contracts Architecture

Technically, the WeDeFin ecosystem is composed of several smart contracts. It features a modular design that allows for future upgrades to critical functions, such as integrating additional DEX and lending protocols or implementing an improved scoring function for professional traders. The figure below showcases the current architecture.

Note that upgradeability is currently set for all smart contracts. However, as the ecosystem matures in terms of security and integrability with other DeFi protocols, we will begin to make them immutable, especially the WEDX Pro, Manager, Transaction, and Index.

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