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Decentralized Portfolios

A truly decentralized investment solution.
In the world of decentralization there is a lack of solutions that allow you to build your own optimal investment portfolio. Furthermore, keeping track of all investment opportunities is becoming impossible due to the large number of DeFi products that are available and being launched every year.
The personal asset manager is an aggregator of products that offer passive income while allowing you to build your own diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. We provide the tools to build your own portfolio or follow a predetermined strategy, such as Market-Cap or Equally-Weighted allocations.
Currently, we only support staking and lending protocols, but we plan to expand in the future to liquidity pools in decentralized exchanges.

dApp Overview

The Advanced DeFi Platform dApp for traders encompasses two distinctive sections, all aimed at empowering advanced users to maximize their trading strategies and achieve optimal portfolio allocations.

1. Your Assets:

This section serves as a hub for traders to manage their MATIC holdings within the platform. Traders can conveniently deposit MATIC, withdraw previously deposited funds, or initiate the performance tracking mechanism to assess their trading performance and receive a corresponding score. This section offers streamlined control over their assets and engagement with the performance evaluation process.

2. Build Asset Allocation:

Here traders gain access to essential market analytics that provide insights into the cryptocurrency landscape. Equipped with these insights, traders are guided towards making informed decisions regarding their portfolio allocation. The section also offers an array of decision-making tools, allowing traders to devise strategies that align with their risk appetite and investment goals. Pre-loaded strategies provide a foundation for traders to construct their personalized portfolios. Additionally, the feature to rebalance portfolios ensures that asset allocation remains optimized over time.