Fee Structure

We want to create a circular economy. Therefore the fees.

Deposit Fees

Deposits will have three fees: Network fee (gas), DEX fees (~0.3%), and our fee (to be determined) which will be distributed as follows.

  • Pay developers/stakeholders and infrastructure (~33 %)

  • Build a reserve for funding grants (~67 %)

Rebalancing Fees

Rebalancing is important to maintain the portfolios updated, take profit from the tokens that have increased in price, and buy the ones that have become cheaper. This process can be triggered by the contract and costs a small fee of about ~0.01% / rebalance.

The fees collected by rebalancing will be distributed the same way as the deposit fees: ~67 % for the foundation, and ~33 % for the developers/stakeholders.

Note: These fees are independent of the network and DEX fees.

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